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Rebranding Brooklin, Ontario's best tree care companies

Bringing two brands together by creating named divisions and brand unity.

Phase 1: Rebranding as one big happy family

Mark and Eric Batty each operate their own tree care businesses but most days they work the same jobs. To limit customer confusion over the different brand names (Brooklin Tree Care and Sensible Tree Care), we suggested they operate under the same umbrella while keeping their singular businesses by operating as divisions: A) Brooklin Tree Care and B) Brooklin Tree & Crane


Logo Design

With the rebrand, we wanted to give the Batty's an identity that would be unique to them, provide something meaningful and capture the attention of anyone who saw their trucks. The "B" represents their family's pride and history in Brooklin, Ontario while also offering up a family name monogram. 


The tree in the logo isn't just any Sugar Maple, it's rendered from the tree they climbed as boys on their family farm.

Vehicle Graphics

Instead of doing full vehicle wraps, we realized that by sticking with decals, printing and installations costs would drop, but brand effectiveness would go up. That large red "B" is instantly recognizable on the Batty pickup trucks, crane, bucket truck, and chipper truck.

Web Design

Brooklin Tree Care and Brooklin Tree & Crane will soon live under one domain at

Dilts Design Group ran with this project from concept to completion, rewriting all of the content for SEO best practices, designing the page concepts, and constructing a premium, responsive site in WIX.


The WIX build will allow the Batty's to make frequent updates to the site themselves, swapping out images and content to suit the change in seasons. 

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